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Welcome to the home of Paragon Jousting and Adventure Theater

Paragon Jousting is a theatrical joust troupe providing armored jousting suitable for renaissance faires, public festivals and private functions. We provide a wide array of entertaining and educational shows suitable for a variety of audiences. Whether you want heavily armored knights charging at each other with lances leveled, wheeling horses as the knights resort to the sword to win the day, or unarmored riders demonstrating their prowess with sword and lance in a variety of chivalric games of skill, Paragon has a show for you.



We are all saddened at the loss of our friend and colleague CJ Landram. We at Paragon Jousting first worked with CJ at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire when he took on the role of Merlin. In additional to be a wonderful actor, he was a first class costume designer. During the 2012 season, CJ slid into the recently vacated role of Master of the List where he brought his distinct style to Paragon performances. During his time with Paragon Jousting, he not only brought a positive impact on our performances, but had a unique influence on our costuming. He contributed tremendously to the costume design and construction and overall look of the characters on our popular Halloween show, performing as Arioch in 2012. CJ had been on standby to be the voice of Arioch during the 2014 show in the event of a failure in the wireless microphone system. It was just prior to the final fire joust of the year that CJ was struck by a heart attack, we learned of his passing later that evening. We mourn his loss and have included some pictures of CJ working with Paragon. Behind the scenes and on stage as Arioch and just cooling off with Paladin.


We all hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. What did we do? Jousting of course. Paragon Jousting was at it again over the weekend. Here's an article in the Ithaca Journal for a joust show we performed at Carriage House Saddlery on Sunday.


This past weekend, the staff of Paragon Jousting celebrated the union of Scott Rodlin and Becca Cooper.

They were introduced by Menomin Mister Yankee, who served as the ring bearer. Not to be outdone, Piglet served as their flower girl.

Congratulations to the happy couple from all the squires, knights and the lowly webmaster.

Special thanks to Axell Photography for the amazing pictures (including the two above) and all the fun!

Don't worry, Devon and Fiona still hate each other.


We are pleased to announce a new show this summer in New York State! On July 19 and 20 we will be jousting at The Hawk Creek Wildlife Center's annual Renaissance Festival in East Aurora, New York. This event has been entertaining and educating thousands of people for more than 25 years! We are honored to step in and cover this year's joust for our friends at Brothers in Arms Jousting, who are having a very busy year themselves. We've promised Jeff Horick from Brothers in Arms that we will provide their longtime clients at Hawk Creek with a show worthy of the standards for which Jeff and his team are well known. We are looking forward to helping out our fellow jousters, and making some new friends along the way. See you all in East Aurora July 19 and 20!


We've not been completely idle. We've already had several performances this year already and we've been busy getting ready to bring you the best entertainment.

I can also tell you the littlest horse in the herd now has his own profile page. Go check out Thor's new page.


We've made a lot of updates since last year. In particular, check out the Shows and Performers page to see our new offerings and newest performers.


Paragon Jousting doesn't just entertain, we also educate. Check us out in this this article featuring our own Scott Rodlin and Becca Cooper.

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